Lesbians United

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Lesbians United is a lesbian-only, all-volunteer organization based in the U.S. We are dedicated to fighting homophobia in all its forms, including transgenderism and the “queer” movement.

Lesbians United advocates for the health and well-being of lesbians by

1. running public information campaigns that expose homophobia and malpractice in the medical and psychological establishments.

2. creating and maintaining nationwide lines of communication that empower lesbians to form their own networks and community spaces.

3. combating the popular narratives of “queerness” that keep lesbians apart.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lesbian is a woman who only experiences sexual attraction to other women.

The word “queer” is a slur that has been used to justify homophobia by implicitly comparing homosexuality to pedophilia since the early 20th century. The slur has been hurled against lesbians and gay men for decades, often accompanied by violence. “Queer” has been used to make lesbians feel afraid, ashamed, and unwanted for generations.

Now, we are being asked to accept the slur as our identity.

We refuse.

Transgenderism presents two major problems for lesbians. First, lesbians are being asked to accept men, who call themselves “trans women,” into our dating pools. When we refuse, these men bully us, intimidate us, threaten our livelihoods, and beat, rape, or even kill us.

Second, lesbians are being pushed to “transition” - i.e., to undergo unnecessary medical procedures in order to look like straight men. These procedures are a form of conversion therapy, and their effects are painful, irreversible, and incredibly dangerous. They can and do result in death.

When men invade lesbian spaces and lesbians “transition” out of them, the lesbian community disappears. Young lesbians are forced to grow up without role models; adult lesbians lose their chance to find acceptance, understanding, and love.

In the backwards parlance of transgenderism, a heterosexual man who doesn’t want to be called a heterosexual man is known as a “trans lesbian.”

In reality, lesbians are women who are only attracted to women. Regardless of what they call themselves, how they dress, or whether they surgically alter their bodies, men cannot be lesbians. Lesbians are never attracted to men, and men do not belong in lesbian spaces.

Lesbians United was created to advocate for the health and well-being of lesbians. This includes young lesbians, who are being subjected to hormonal and surgical conversion therapy (“transition”) at an alarming rate.

This form of conversion therapy has painful, irreversible, and incredibly dangerous effects. It includes hormone blockers, artificial hormones, breast amputation, surgical sterilization, and genital mutilation. Lesbians United believes that these procedures constitute medical malpractice, especially when they are performed on children.

Check out our Child Transition page to learn more about the research that informs our position.

The most important thing you can do is spread the word. Share our posts on social media, recommend our website, and be prepared to have difficult conversations with friends and family. Now more than ever, lesbians and our allies must stand up for the truth.

If you’re a lesbian looking to get involved, you can get in touch via info@lesbians-united.org.