Lesbians United is fighting to end

Child Transition.

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At more than 300 US clinics, young tomboys are being medicated and operated on by doctors who want to turn them into facsimiles of heterosexual men. But these procedures - sold as "transition" - are painful, irreversible, and incredibly dangerous. They can and do result in death.

Lesbians United isn’t just fighting against medical malpractice. We’re fighting to save the next generation of lesbians. And the stakes couldn’t be higher.

What is transition?

transition, n.

a series of unnecessary medical procedures designed to turn the victim into a facsimile of the opposite sex.

The unnecessary procedures sold as “transition” include chemotherapy drugs, artificial hormones, cosmetic breast amputation, surgical sterilization, and genital mutilation.

These procedures are being marketed to homosexuals, and to the parents of children who show early signs of homosexuality.

The DSM-V entry that diagnoses children as “trans” targets children who don’t fit the stereotypes of girly girls and macho boys.

“in girls … resistance to the wearing of typical feminine clothing

“preference for cross-gender roles in make-believe play”

“preference for the toys, games, or activities stereotypically used or engaged in by the opposite [sex]”

Not fitting into sex stereotypes is an early sign of homosexuality.
Studies show that lesbian girls are


as likely as heterosexual peers to be tomboys.
Lesbians are a tiny minority, but we make up the vast majority of female “gender dysphoria” diagnoses.
100 percent
of girls labeled “trans” are attracted to other girls.

When lesbian girls are put through "transition," they become medicalized facsimiles of heterosexual men.

They never have the chance to join the lesbian community.

They are at increased risk for physical and mental illness, and premature death.

They are dependent on Big Pharma for life.

Child Transition is based in the belief

... that children can consent to invasive, irreversible, debilitating sexual alterations.

... that it’s okay to sterilize and castrate kids who show early signs of homosexuality.

... that it’s better to medicalize your daughter than let her grow up lesbian.

“Transition” is lesbian genocide.

How does transition work?

It's a regimen of chemotherapy drugs, artificial hormones, and unnecessary genital surgeries. It starts with “affirmation.”

1. Parents visit an “affirmative” therapist.

When a child exhibits extreme non-conformity to stereotypes or expresses confusion over biological sex, parents might seek advice from a therapist.

A therapist who follows the affirmative model will automatically label the child “trans.” S/he may tell the parents that if they don’t consent to medical interventions, the child will probably commit suicide.

But this is a lie.

Without medical interventions, up to

100 percent

of children will resolve any confusion on their own, growing into happy, healthy adults.

This is called desistence.


2. A doctor prescribes “puberty blockers.”

Terrified into submission, the parents take the child to a doctor, who prescribes GnRH agonists (“puberty blockers”). The doctor claims that the effects are reversible—a temporary "pause button" on puberty.

This is a lie, too.

The GnRH agonists weaken the child's bones, prevent her organs from maturing normally, stunt cognitive growth, and cause mental health conditions like depression.

3. Trusted adults affirm the decision.

Because "puberty blockers" prevent the child from maturing physically and mentally, she loses the chance to explore and come to terms with herself (body, sexual orientation, personality) as she matures.

While 98% of children will desist if left to their own devices, studies show that up to

100 percent

of children treated with the “affirmative model” will go on to take hormones. These same studies demonstrate that

100 percent

of children treated with the “affirmative model” will undergo cosmetic surgery.


At the same time, trusted adults like teachers and family friends constantly "affirm" the decision. They call the child by a new name, refer to her as the opposite sex, and pile on the praise—so that the child has no choice but to believe that medicalization is the right course of action.

4. The child is given hormones and surgery.

The child is prescribed opposite-sex hormones that cause further damage to the body. Cosmetic surgery likely follows: double mastectomy and hysterectomy for girls; breast implants and castration for boys. The child, who has never been given any other option, continues to believe that these interventions are in her best interest, despite the pain, side effects, and complications.

5. The child is dependent on Big Med for life.

Because the gonads are underdeveloped from GnRH agonists, rendered useless by opposite-sex hormones, and/or surgically removed, the child will require artificial hormones for the rest of her life. The weak bones caused by GnRH agonists escalate to osteoporosis. The side effects from hormones necessitate further medication. Multiple revision surgeries are required.

Children are supposed to transition into adults.

Instead, doctors and therapists are helping them transition into cash cows for Big Med.

Now more than ever,

young lesbians need protection.

Today’s children are growing up in a world of marketing and misinformation. Tomboys and young lesbians in particular are being targeted for indoctrination by Big Med and therapists who follow the “affirmative model.” Without loud, clear, and multiple voices fighting on their behalf, it’s nearly impossible for them to see a way forward that doesn’t involve artificial hormones and cosmetic surgery.

Lesbians United is run by a team of passionate volunteers, who are working hard to combat the misinformation that makes the “transition” industry possible. But we can’t do it alone.

Lesbians United needs YOU to help us spread the word. Share our posts on social media, recommend our website, and be prepared to have difficult conversations with family and friends.

Together, we can get the truth out, and save the lesbian world.

As former tomboys ourselves, we know:

Tomboys don’t need artificial hormones or cosmetic surgery.

They need to be accepted just the way they are.