Puberty Suppression: Medicine or Malpractice?

Lesbians United's review of the evidence on GnRH agonists, the class of drugs now commonly known as "puberty blockers," cites over 300 sources, most of which are peer-reviewed scientific studies. Download your free copy now.

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Profiles of Pride

Celebrate lesbian pride every month with Lesbians United's 2022 Lesbian Pride Month retrospective, Profiles of Pride: An Incomplete History of Lesbians in the United States.


Messaging Guide 2022

Lesbians United’s 2022 messaging guide equips women’s and gay rights activists to fight back against sexism and homophobia more effectively using a positive, proactive messaging strategy.

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The Truth About “Child Transition”

At more than 300 U.S. clinics, young tomboys are being medicated and operated on by doctors who want to turn them into facsimiles of heterosexual men. But these procedures - sold as "transition" - are painful, irreversible, and incredibly dangerous.

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